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I am a qualified practitioner, and hold the British Psychological Society (BPS) certification in psychometric testing, which enables me to assess individual’s aptitudes and abilities and personality types and traits.  I am experienced at delivering a wide range of psychometric assessments, and therefore can select the most appropriate questionnaire for any particular scenario or circumstance.

Psychometric testing, or personality profiling, is used to help with circumstances such as: selecting the right person for the right role; developing individuals through insight and reflection, thus fostering new long-term habits and skills; assessment centres for development or selection; or, considering a career path, whether at the start of working life or transitioning professions later in life.

Melanie Pullan

I have considerable experience using assessments as part of coaching and leadership development programmes, and screening individuals working in the security industry in complex international environments.

Questionnaires are completed online, and feedback interviews are delivered face to face or virtually, followed by feedback reports as appropriate.