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Most of us experience emotional difficulties, relationship issues, stress or personal challenges at some point in our lives.  At these times, counselling or psychotherapy can help us gain a new perspective on things, manage our anxiety, and improve our feelings of self-worth.

Counselling has a ‘here and now’ focus.  It can help develop greater personal resilience, reduce anxiety, depression and negative thinking so that there is greater freedom to think through problems and find solutions. It focuses on supporting our strengths and developing new strategies so that we can find solutions to difficulties.  The counselling relationship with the client normally lasts about eight weeks.

Psychotherapy is longer term work, and helps us make changes that are deep and long lasting.  It looks at our current situation and explores earlier life experiences that may be impacting on us today.  We often have behavioural preferences and responses that we rely on which do not serve us well.  Understanding and accepting the roots of these responses helps us develop more helpful lasting behaviours.

I have been in training since 2020 and aim to qualify with a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (British Association of Counselling Psychotherapy – BACP – accredited) in autumn 2023, and as a professionally registered Adult Psychotherapist (UK Counsel for Psychotherapy – UKCP – accredited) later in 2024.