Zinc poisoning associated with denture creams popular

Fixodent contains small amounts of zinc – about 17 milligrams per gram, according to the study of the United Nations.For years, doctors have reported cases of mysterious people with spastic gait, weakness and numbness of the limbs and difficulty. Only around 2000, researchers have found that these patients have very low levels of copper. Copper deficiency can be caused by an overdose of zinc, but most of these patients had no obvious exposure to zinc.

And regardless of Nations team measured zinc, Shay – a dentist in geriatrics at the VA Ann Arbor who has studied the use of dental cream – admits that many patients with poorly fitting dentures using excessive amounts of denture cream savagely adapt.

The removal of bone marrow patients – results from two low count of red blood cells and platelets, and white – has been improved when he stopped using the dental cream.

In 2007, the Italian researcher Mark Spinazzè, MD, has suggested a link denture cream. And in 2008, Sharon Nations, MD, and colleagues at the Center of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical identified four patients for whom this was their main source of zinc.

Gottlieb noted that if used correctly, a 2.4 ml tube of Fixodent should last 6-8 weeks. Patients with damage to the nerves tend to use more than two or three tubes per week.

Before May 2010, POLIGRIP contained a relatively small amount of zinc – about 34 milligrams per gram in the original formulation and about 27.5 milligrams per gram in the formulation chrome, the United Nations and his colleagues found. In February 2010, GlaxoSmithKline has sent a warning message ‘Dear Doctor’ letter that the excessive use of the product by patients can be dangerous.

Some of the neurological symptoms of patients improved, but most remained doubtful. Three are in wheelchairs, walkers need five, and uses a cane. We no longer need a cane, and another patient, who has never lost the ability to walk, made an ‘almost complete recovery.’

Many cases of mysterious turn out to be caused by excessive use of denture popular, a growing number of reports suggest.

Why did it take so long researchers understand this? Blast in a report, ABC News recently reported that the study was published in the journal Neurology Nations has been delayed by a reviewer Kenneth Shay, DDS, with confidential financial ties with Procter & Gamble. Shay, it turned out, violated his confidentiality agreement, sharing the unpublished manuscript with P & G.

The report suggests that Shay ABC has managed to delay the publication of Nations two years. In fact, it appeared about 15 months after it was presented ‘in line with the standard of time,’ according to the American Academy of Neurology.

Exactly how to limit the flow of blood to the muscles generates these effects is unknown, although Rasmussen and Fry speculated if a better ability to activate muscle fibers of type II or a response to soaring blood to the muscles of the wrist could have been released be responsible. Whatever the mechanism, Rasmussen said: We think that this is a potential tool for rehabilitation exciting news.

The body needs zinc. But because it balances the body zinc and copper, zinc, people who have too dangerously low levels of copper. In addition, the same overdose of zinc can be toxic.

‘In fact, checking my reviews, I shared with a colleague at P & G:’ Shay tells WebMD. . There was no feeling of’ squash or anything. It ‘been completely my way of trying to make sure that my review was accurate. ‘

‘These patients should be advised to consult your dentist for advice,’ wrote Chief Medical Officer GlaxoSmithKline Howard Marsh, MD.

Some patients have ended up in a wheelchair. At least one patient died. GlaxoSmithKline has solved many cases Procter & Gamble.

The culprit: Zinc Fixodent, Procter & Gamble, and – to become non-zinc may – POLIGRIP GlaxoSmithKline.

According to Gottlieb P & G spokeswoman Tricia, the amount of zinc ‘denture adhesive average user to ingest the daily use of Fixodent’ zinc is lower than most multivitamins daily, less than six zinc in oysters, and comparable to the zinc in 6 ounces of ground beef.

‘Mal assembly that require large amounts of denture cream to ensure a sufficient seal appear to be common characteristics of the patients,’ Hedera and colleagues report in the journal Neurotoxicology. Denture cream zinc poisoning Lier

Hedera and colleagues examined 11 patients with nerve damage related to the dental cream. September had been using POLIGRIP, three had been using both POLIGRIP and Fixodent and was used only Fixodent.

The irony, he says, is that the cost of using the dental cream in this way rapidly than the cost of the new, better fitting dentures.

Fixodent is safe? POLIGRIP is safe?