Yoga + fitness

In the research of a beautiful figure and general physical shape, the Yoga is one more searched technique that carries the fitness of greater and flexibility levels. This holistic approach to the wellbeing faces also the spiritual thing and the mental wellbeing of a person. It is possible to develop a calm mind and without stress in a body in shape with asana yoga and meditation practices. The beginnings of fitness with the yoga are checked respiration, positions or asana and meditation.

Determining the control over the percentage of calm respiration the mind and it slackens the body. The asana yoga to tone the muscles up, to reinforce and ri – to align the body. Of fitness beauty can be inserted Yoga as a routine into style of life of nobody. It is possible to choose the techniques yoga that adapts to your individual demands – this child, person is a worker, housewife, athlete or aged.

Yoga and obesity

The abdominal fat is a common problem with the greatest part of the women. The fat in this region differs from other parts of the fat in the body. There are more the recettori for the cortisol, the hormone of the stress. It levels this of hormones they go up and go down with different situations, but it can remain at an elevated level if one is under constant stress. It can lead elevated cortisol levels to an increased fat deposit in the abdominal zone. Lo Yoga helps to fight the fat in the abdominal regions and others. And ‘been also known to influence troubles of the alimentary behaviour. Carrying an emotions balance, it is possible be raised of depression, rabies and anxiety.

A yoga regime can help to rebuild the energy, to improve the osseous density and to face the troubles as the anorexia. Fitness beauty with the yoga is a reality in all that the regular practice of the yoga helps a woman to remain agile and slender. Asana like Paschimotannasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Dhanurasana, Veerasana, Trikonasana and Ardha Matsyendrasana can help to sculpture your body.

Yoga fitness regime

Simply when a ventina was dedicating from minutes until the day with the yoga, it is possible to improve your natural fascination. The practice of the yoga can help very much, above all during the puberty, when the body is developing the majority quickly. Lo Yoga helps in the regulation of the glands that check the hormones of the growth. The adoption of a regime of fitness with the yoga can give greater more buxom trust, improvement of the state of wellbeing and of a body. Lo Yoga helps to improve the cardiovascular health, tonic muscles and a greater flexibility. With the yoga it is possible to obtain:

  • Better balance
  • Reinforced and tonic legs and the hands
  • Term of service and pontoon low belly

Yoga and beauty

The improvement of the sanguineous circulation and the hormonal balance returns the interior of the physical system immaculate and the positions and several physical exercises of the yoga supply shape to the external body. The yoga confers to the skin a healthy colouring, balancing the hormones and to increase the flow of blood rich in oxygen to our skin.

This maintains the elastic skin and forestalls the dryness and excessive relaxation. Yoga tones the muscles of the face up and also those of the neck. These asana can prove to be also an advantage for those in their half of the forties whose skin has started to wrinkles, black circles have appeared around the eyes and the stomach has become flaccid.