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A second family of products based on highly potent NKT / dendritic cell ligands several New York universities was licensed – in. The product family strengthens innate and adaptive immunity connections and new immunotherapeutic adjuvants for cancer and chronic infectious diseases offer.

This is important in the treatment of supported post – chemotherapy residual diseases and / or the efficacy of various cancer vaccine approaches.. The oncology trial is directed to patients with metastatic melanoma or advanced renal cell carcinoma. There will also be 18 to 30 patients, both lymphopenic and not in a dose – escalation lymphopenic mode. It will be carried out at the NCI in collaboration with Prof. Steve Rosenberg. Recent clinical data show how critical the immunological status of cancer patients for their clinical outcome.Six months open-label treatment with memantine patients cognitive function has been statistically significantly, with an mean of 2.

Opening labels data from a wide naturalism study 1 mean value of 2 months. Alzheimer’s disease patient in Germany the the AD / PD conference today. Alzheimer’s patients treated for six months memantine . Cognitive function Overall Mini Mental State Examination and another measures as the Nurses’ surveillance Scale for Geriatric Patients , to EMD EMD measure of cognition, function and understanding) exploration module and dementia an assessment of the overall efficiency by the clinician collected at baseline and after six months.