Will travel to Rwanda on Monday.

The GHO program, in partnership with the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society International Education Base, has worked in Rwanda since 2006 to build and fortify the medical teaching capability in the East African nation. The target is to build convenience of anesthesia training in Rwanda so that, over time, there will be enough local physician anesthesiologists to run the scheduled program with minimal international support. The GHO educates ASA people on the global anesthesia crisis and facilitates the passions of the ASA members through volunteer possibilities and collaboration designed to improve anesthesia in low-income countries.Conclusive evidence concerning the efficacy of the two vaccines for the influenza B viruses is not yet available. Thus, it is challenging to draw conclusions other than to speculate that not having the correct type B lineage represented in the vaccine might be a problem for adults as well as for children. As before, the exact explanation for age-specific variations in efficacy is usually a matter of speculation, but these differences could possibly be related to the inability of the live attenuated infections to infect some adults because of their past exposure to similar strains.