Wii balance key to helping children

Jones, who is the construction of units for final delivery to the Shriners, says he wants patients to see the Wii boards. We are acrylic on stage so there are no gaps that could be down to the youngest, he said. We wanted to use a device that is familiar to them, but they might not be convinced that the Wii is a board unless you do not see. This is not a measuring device, is a long game, said Irby. But put the two systems together is what is unique about the Wii system is not well suited for children with balance problems important;. They can not play if you do something that is more suited to them .

He wants to bring children to the practice of certain activities in their games, like the pause, then taking a couple of steps and be able to balance, which is quite difficult for some of them, said Pyle . The final task is to be able to take a few steps and then turn around.

A little ‘further away, not yet implemented, the program would return the ramp in the game. Based on the track points would be subtracted from the scores of users, encouraging them to improve their positions. The game also present particular difficulties for younger children and the elderly to keep them busy.

The students reported that their prototypes are much less than the $ 2,000 they had expected. The rice provided the necessary hardware and LabVIEW software to create the diagnostic software that interfaces with existing systems of Shriners, and bought the Wii Balance Board on eBay.

The planning team also includes Irina Patrikeev undergraduate and graduate student Nick Zhu. Studio Arts Degree Jennifer Humphreys has created the work.

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Engineering seniors who have chosen to take on new projects this year – Michelle Pyle, Drew Shepherd and Matt Jones, aka Equiliberators team – we hope to have the operating system at the Shriners Hospital, before they graduate next month.

Steven Irby, an engineer at the Motion Analysis Laboratory Shriners’, launched the idea of ​​engineering mentors from Rice after the success of the project last year Trek Tracker, a computer-controlled camera system for the analysis approach was developed by engineering students at Rice Oshman Kitchen Design Engineering .

Engineering students at Rice has created the new device using the components of the popular Nintendo game to create a system of balance training.

Wii cleverly combines five committees, a team of students from Rice University, he joined the appeal of a video game with the utility of a computerized monitoring system of movement that can improve the progress of patients at Shriners Hospital for Children-Houston.

The game needs to turn the patient is approaching monsters hitting specific locations with their feet as I pass the Wii system, student computer Jesus Cortez, one of the creators of the game, he said.

The game gets more difficult as patients improve, he said, and the opportunity to earn points gives them an incentive.