Who started menstruation before they were particularly likely to develop breast cancer were12 first.

Professor Ann Hamilton, who led the study, said: We do not know all the causes of breast cancer, and this study provides some insight into another way for the discovery of additional genes that help explain the cause perhaps could causes of hereditary breast cancer.. Who started menstruation before they were particularly likely to develop breast cancer were12 first.Late first pregnancy with fewer children and late menopause have a higher breast cancer risk in monozygotic and dizygotic twins, where only one had linked the disease.Although scientists are not sure which genes are responsible for them the finger points to the person responsible for fixing damaged DNA.Genetic predispositionThe team from the University of Southern California suggest these genes may not work as well as they should in some women, so that to repair the damage to repair the damage ovarian.

Exposure to high female hormones – estrogen – through early menstruation or late menopause already guessed affect breast cancer risk in women.This latest U.S. Study of twins suggests some women have an inherited sensitivity to hormones that surge through the body during puberty, what the physical development and menstruation. This immature immature breast cells, how they develop, but the damage may not manifest as cancer several decades later – .Ralph Downey III, to the Sleep Disorders Centre Loma Linda University Medical Center to Loma Linda, California, he says on the high %age of patients well both sleep and cardio disease, is amazed. Researchers have a convincing argument is at increased risk of at increased risk for blood pressure with sleep-disordered breathing build, Downey wrote adding, minute what a well-established link between sleep apnea and cardiac insufficiency. – ‘It is not only scientific sense that such an relationship exists, however of common sense and also does,’said Downey.

A study on the 1st December 2006 issue of SLEEP were published, showed that daytime somnolence in of Obstructive Sleep may be subtle introduced impair heart function. Patient with a OSA commonly complaining of daytime sleepiness virtue of the fact to OSA stop breathability causing your body prior while sleeping of the night and can times several times. Further data from the Sleep Heart Health Study indicate that people with sleep at 45 % greater risk for high blood compressed, an important predictor of CVD than those without which bedroom disorder.