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The authors believe their findings could help inform health campaigns to reduce risky behavior among young people. They conclude: ‘Our results confirm, in case of excessive alcohol consumption by men, the risk behavior among young people is associated with an underestimation of happiness in old age may be interesting to note that for young people in particular, the positive impact . their lives to reduce alcohol and inform them about happiness in old age. ‘

Young people mistakenly believe that aging is associated with a decline in happiness. In fact, young people estimated that happiness declined with age, while in reality there was no difference between the levels of self-reported happiness of the young and the elderly.

Garry Lohan and analyzed data from face to face with over 1,000 people of Northern Ireland over the age of 15 years. Participants were asked about their alcohol consumption, fruit and vegetables taken, even if you do not smoke and how often they participated in strenuous physical activity. Respondents were also asked to report their happiness felt now, and estimate how happy must be the age of 30 and 70. Those who were over 30 and / or 70 were invited to rethink the way they were happy then. The authors also asked them to indicate how happy the average person of their age, to 30 years and is happy that, at the age of 70 years.