Which is one of the largest ultrasound devices in the world hair loss pills.

An ultrasound enthusiasts founded the Goldberg ultrasound division at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, which is one of the largest ultrasound devices in the world, conducting more than 40,000 examinations per year in 20 clinical examination rooms. In the year 1992, the University of the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute , with Goldberg as director hair loss pills more info . JUREI is recognized by the World Health Organization as the sole collaboration center for training and education in diagnostic ultrasound and trained more than 20,000 physicians, researchers and ultrasound world.

The RSNA detected Goldberg research achievements and academic performance when they awarded him the outstanding research award and the Outstanding Educator Award. The International Society of Radiology recognized him for his contributions to the advancement of international radiology with its highest award, the Medal of Antoine Beclere 23rd at the International Congress of Radiology in Montreal.

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