Which builds hematologic capacity in developing countries.

Upon completion, participants go back to their home countries to put into action their training and talk about their newfound understanding with their colleagues. The Visitor TRAINING CURRICULUM affords promising physicians from developing countries the opportunity to learn about procedures and methods that tend to be unavailable in their local medical facilities, said Dr. Nancy Berliner, ASH President. Our purpose is to foster skills and expertise that individuals may bring back to their home institutions.AARP launches campaign to preserve retirement and health security of older Americans With the national debate warming up on raising the debt ceiling, Today to fight against proposals with arbitrary limits AARP announced a new campaign, caps or triggers that could result in harmful cuts to critical Social Security and Medicare benefits that millions of Americans have earned through an eternity of effort. The campaign, which includes a multi-million dollar nationwide advertising routine, grassroots and online actions, will engage AARP people and the general public around the potential effect that such proposals could have on current and upcoming generations, and cause them to become contact their users of Congress to oppose harmful cuts to Social Security and Medicare.