When women do not sleep, the marriage suffers

It ‘true that men do not want to talk about things like that and don t seem sensitive. The interaction is more important for a woman than a man, he said.Couples who have more positive interactions throughout the day may engage in other activities in bed at night, he said.

Previous studies have shown that sleep disorders and unhappy marriages go hand in hand, but researchers say they weren t able to say whether poor sleep was to contribute to emotional upset or if the fight had to interrupt his sleep.

On the downside, they asked how they felt criticized, rejected, ignored, or if they had an argument.

It ‘s good, Hale said, because we need to be reminded that sleep should be a priority not only to operate during the day physically and cognitively, but emotionally and socially.

They evaluated the extent to which they felt positive things, like feeling closer to their spouses and loved, and if they have talked about their feelings with their partner.

Women tend to be more sensitive to the ups and downs and tend to be more communicative when you hear, Troxel said.

Another conclusion that couples are able to recognize: On days when husbands reported more positive interactions with their wives, husbands have less sleep.

The study was presented at SLEEP 2011 in Minneapolis, found that wives who have difficulty falling asleep are more likely to report negative interactions with your spouse the next day. The husbands were affected, note the interaction of the couple as less positive in the wake of their wives and went back.

When women have trouble falling asleep at night, were more likely to report more negative and less positive interactions with their partners the next day.

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I do not think is very surprising, I think we have seen, says Lauren Hale, Ph.D., a sleep expert and associate professor of preventive medicine at the School of Medicine, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY Hale considered the study of WebMD but was not involved in the research. Most of us in the opposite direction. If you are really sick rested, you can be mean to people.

When couples fight, often suffer from sleep. Now a new study shows that the opposite may be true. Not sleeping well, it seems, can make for a more rock.

This new study gives the idea that poor sleep can lead to emotional upset.

For men, on average, when they reported higher operating calendar, which more frequent sexual activity, Troxel said. It was not the same thing for women.

So the fact that women’s sleep problems affect both their day operation and after their marriage partner ss expressivity can say something about women, while men tend to repress or to maintain negative emotions, Troxel said. Explaining gender differences continues .

The nights following their wedding day they voted as a more positive note, however, men have less sleep.

Curiously, however, difficulty sleeping husbands didn t seem to affect the interactions of the couples relationship. Explain the differences between the sexes