When we introduced the annual health check in 2006.

When we introduced the annual health check in 2006, we wanted it to be a comprehensive review, the core of what happens in each NHS organization in the country will have. If we publish the estimate for the third time, the patients will be seen to be in a position whether services services and whether they provide the things that patients want to know how clean hospitals, shorter waiting times, access to doctors and good quality of care. .

In 1993, Samulski moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he was Director of the new UNC Gene Therapy Center. Xiao moved first in the industry, then as a postdoctoral researcher in Samulski UNC Gene Therapy Center. In 1996, the team published a report of the first muscle gene transfer with an AAV vector.The combination of of the system is simple locking with prior art Records tracking the to protecting hospitals and their patient We are are confident that hospital detect the value of our patented system.

The function of possible of a hospital existing barcode system for electronically capturing the administration of a particular medication directly to a patient’s medical file.