When is it sure of having sexual intercourses?

When is it sure of having sexual intercourses after the childbirth? It is possible to be physically able to do sex as soon as two weeks after the childbirth if there is only a little tear or completely absent, but the greatest part of the women to wait at least for 4-6 weeks, or until it does not obtain the ok of their supplier of medical cares. Everything depends on the type of delivery that it had, all that was difficult, all the points you need, and possible complications in pregnancy.

A difference

There might be a great difference between when one is physically able to have sexual intercourses compared to when here is felt emotionally readily, and in fact he wants to do sex. The period post-childbirth is a moment of great changes in your body, your hormones, your style of life, the sense of and your report. Lack of sleep, the continuous requests of the newborn baby, the image of the body that changes, and whichever the motherhood anxieties it can have a negative impact on your sexual wish, and your partner, it can have similar sentiments.

The just time to retake the intimacy is, then, a very individual decision. Some couples of returning to the preceding level of sexual activity with few problems, but for the most part couples this asks for certain time, for the regulation and the communication. Even if the sex is the last thing on your mind, it is important to cultivate the connection with your partner to not sexual manners to maintain your couple report, not only like parents.

To reconnect

There take in the time each day for riconnettersi with other speaking, berries, or to share an activity that both enjoy. To accept offers from friends and relatives entrusted by baby – sitter, and to go in “data”. When he comes to decision of sexual becoming, there is important your sentiments and the expectations communicate with other. To create the atmosphere with candles and music. Relax with a bath, or to give to each other massages.

Remembered, the things must not begin with relations vaginali undergone. It is possible to work until with other activities (how to kiss, to touch, masturbation or the oral sex) that feel themselves well to you.

WHEN TO TAKE CARE: The depression post – partum

Even if reduced sexual wish is very common in the period post-childbirth, it can be also a depression mark post – partum. Many women try someone, sadness, bad mood and anxiety in the days following to the delivery (so called “baby blues”), but this improves of rule within a pair of weeks.

If prolonged or very intense sadness is verified, or if you have some idea of be doing from the evil or that the child is necessary to have a sudden help! It is possible to speak with friends or family, but it would be necessary to obtain also help of a professional too much, in the way of calling the doctor, a consultant or a crisis centre.