Welcomed the initiative.

EuropaBio, welcomed the initiative, calls for the Slovenian and French presidencies of this agenda through the involvement of politicians, regulators, patients, academia, investors and industry relies progress. Says Dr. And medium enterprises in the production of scientific knowledge and implementation of these innovative therapies for patients has been clearly highlighted in the field of cell and tissue replacement and in gene therapy. The key role of SMEs and their collaboration with the two universities and large companies in the health care in in – depth as accelerate accelerate our understanding of the causes of diseases and the potential of the next generation of treatments and therapies. – EuropaBio Healthcare Council, Andrea Rappagliosi, said: ‘On behalf of EuropaBio members, I am delighted that the Portuguese presidency this opportunity in order to discuss ways to improve the integration scientific knowledge into therapies ” development and thus enable access the patient to create innovative therapies the common goal the common goal of the regulators, access enforcement and industry..

About EuropaBioEuropaBio, the European Association for only and unique bio-industry, has 85 direct members worldwide and in operation, 12 associate members and 5 Bioregions as well as 25 national biotechnology associations representing around 1,800 small and medium enterprises in research development, testing, manufacturing and distribution of biotechnology products.Knopp Neuro Inc. AKV renowned, dass. Company with expulsion of a pharmaceutical composition profit from incentives, tariff reductions, a 10-year of market exclusivity period following authorization for specific items, scientific advice developing development and contained direct access to the EMEA centralized procedures for the approval.