Water is better to appease the thirst

There are many options for that to be drunk, but without doubt, the water is the best choice: And ‘without calories, and it is easy to find as the nearest tap.

The drinks that they are loaded by the sugar are the worst choice: they supply one sack with calories and practically without nutritious others. To drink habitually can lead them to increase of weight and increase the risk of diabetes of type 2.

Other drinks are for and against, but with moderation, it can be inserted into a healthy diet:

  • Coffee and tea: these are without calories, until not to load on the sugar and cream. They are sure for the most part the persons and it can have also some benefits for the health.
  • Drinks sweetened and I distort: these have no calories, a plus, but their effects a long time term on the weight and on the health are not well-known, then their threshold is better, if they drink them quite.
  • 100 % fruit juice: Fruit juice has the vitamins, but it is to high content of calories, then continued to any more than one little glass (4-6 ounces) in the day.
    Milk: the milk is also to high calories content, then it is not necessary to drink any more than one glass or two of low content of fats or of milk skimmed in the day, and less it goes well, if the football with other fountains is obtained.
  • Alcohol: The alcohol is that it is a tonic and a poison, and the difference is in the dose and the person to drink it; moderation is the key.