Vermont topped the list of the best health care systems

Texas is also near the bottom of the list, in part due to a rate of 22 percent of adults without health insurance – the highest in the nation.While the debate rages on health care reform, Vermont can rejoice: their status is the health care system more efficient in the nation.

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At the same time, the researchers warn that the quality of the hospital – based on readmission rates and other measures – has not improved. Meanwhile, the number of adults without health insurance continues to march upward. Currently about 47 million Americans have no health insurance.

Nevada, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi were all in the bottom of the list. States suffer from poorly coordinated care, mortality rates than average, and high rates.

‘And ‘the eve of the recession,’ Schoen said, noting that the data contained in the report are based on data from 2008. ‘In other words, the worst is yet to come.’

Vermont topped the list, ranking high at 38 points. Other top states include Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine and New Hampshire.

The report ranked states on 38 indicators, including access to insurance, many children regularly receive ‘treatment’ and prevention visits, the extent to which states’ residents to live a healthy life and how to prevent infections in hospitals.

This is according to the Commonwealth Fund, in a follow-up of the best and worst health systems across the country.

The group said a wide variation among the States emphasizes the need to reform the overall health of Washington.