A large number of questions about the nature of the balance of sex, to masturbate and how the troubles affecting the totality of what happens all the lower parts, can be solved by a simple easy to get to know well that all the sexual organs and the other reproductive organs. Many things that certain people take ya problems with certain types of the function of gender or sex organs or appearance, are really just the anatomy that they did not know.

That’s the scoop for the most part the people whose body is a shame, a vagina, lips, a clitoris and / or the uterus and other structures.

Shame, not the vagina is

The proper name for the external genitals, the pubic (Vuhl-Vah). The vagina is a part only of these bodies, and not all of them and call many people to shame at the injustice of the vagina.

Where is your pubic hair, is Mgr (Dunning) below your navel, a zone of the fat of the substances (skin) is called. Your Poils shameless move to the lower part, as that the fat tissue to your lips (lay-bee-ah) lips or “lips”.

If you pull your lips open outward, you can your little lips, lips, or see that are not covered with hair and such flowers petals or two every little language a little to see. The size, length and color of the inner lips and other soft parts of the shame on a woman’s woman. The lips can be long and thick, or barely visible and can be purple, red, pink, brown or blackish, clean look to suit your color. All these changes are normal, as are the large lips, are two different sizes or shapes. The goal of your inner lips is quite important, they have sensory nerve endings that contribute to sexual pleasure and also to keep the bacteria away from the icky, that is called the vestibule.

Certain individuals of the end of the credit balance many concerns over their lips and the look of shame. If you are in this group, you are, or know someone who, kind of feeling, you might want to check it: Give ‘Em Certains Lip: Labia, which is not clearly secondary. Where, if you want to shame the other eye, you can keep an eye on Betty Dodson illustrations on the website here.

The hallway between the small lips from top to bottom viewing (right under your Mons), you will first see the height of the inner lip, which creates a bit of skin called the hood of the clitoris fold. It connects to the glans with a hood, which is from the top – and that the tip – the clitoris (clit-Ou-ISS). If you pull the hood with your fingers, you can see more detail.

The clitoris – in its entirety, inside and out, almost equal in size, is that the male penis – the most sensitive site and in the most sensitive areas of the shame involved, in general. That will get twice the number of sensory nerve endings of the penis and it also made interagit also with more than 15,000 nerve endings throughout the pelvic region. It is created by the same erectile fabric that has the head of a penis. Before, we were all about to come to the sixth week of our life as an embryo, our sex organs for the world, few have been developed, but that’s not entirely the same as important our gender or race.

If you feel the clitoris with your fingers, you will, a tingling sensation or a feeling probably tickle. To rub a little, you feel a part hardish, which is the tree of the clitoris. The clitoris (sometimes called “Clito” or “spot”) is the main source of genital sensation. When to masturbate you, this is what you will be very likely (but not always) to touch and manipulate in order to get a pleasure from it. The clitoris is really the only organ in the body that is connected to sexual arousal, and only in ligaments, muscles and veins, which fill with blood during the awakening (if you are sexually aroused) and the contract during orgasm. The clitoris is that the majority has stimulated certain way during oral sex or like the (numerically with the hands, and fingers), during masturbation, and while the reports and not just the top or the tree. The clitoris is just as well internally as externally – and everything is much bigger than it seems because of the outside – with the legs, which are p├ędoncules conscripts who are in the big lips and the clitoris vials, one part surrounded by the lower portion of the vaginal canal.

People are different in how and where we touched our clit like. For some, the rubbing, which is too fast or heavy, or right at the top of the tree or may be uncomfortable, but for others, that’s the thing exactly. As close to try something different to know the sex, the best way, usually consists in masturbating. For this go to the anatomy of each body with the entertainment site, you have office hours: With pleasure: A view of the sexual anatomy of full-body for all …

Deep sight, you might see a different form like a hood. Just below that the shape of a lowercase letter, one lowercase letter, which is barely visible or not one little column, which is your urethra or urination, where you urinate (or pee) for walking. Below that is the vaginal opening (and sometimes, people call a “column” or a “hole”). You will probably notice the proximity of the urethral opening, vaginal opening. For this reason, the sexual activity sometimes bring bacteria that infect the urinary opening, it is so important counterpart to the sexual activity at the same time to empty your bladder before and after, and because he eu or hands of the partner, the mouth is safe or the other organs are clean .

Hardly the inside of the vaginal opening, you can see the crown or the vaginal hymen. Your Corona can or can not be easy to distinguish the way of your vaginal opening and on the ground of sex is not always. Ya he really long (and sometimes still today), it was thought that the crown / hymen “proof” was or not, a woman had had sexual intercourse, but that is not the case. Not even the shame of wealthy people are easily identifiable with undamaged or vaginal Coronas emerged! If someone “popping a cherry” is talking about is what they make reference, if that’s a misnomer. Corona is their membranes in general, which erode a little more time, the hormones and vaginal secretions have been primarily guilty, but later, may wear more due to vaginal intercourse as well, if a person committed it. If it it is undamaged, it covers too few, that complements the opening, but it has small holes and perforations. Even after it has been worn or stretched, will remain small fabric wrinkles.

While some of the first times, if someone from vaginal sex relationships or other input, has pain or bleeding can occur (even if it has not often) because of the wear of the crown. However, the pain or bleeding is more common, because you had sexual relations without being woken up enough to be well lubricated, or if no additional lubricant required to use. On the other hand, it is therefore, from those Coronas vaginally are simply so thick, or to which have such a small opening that he balance the sex is really tedious and in the vagina otherwise penetrate and sometimes medical intervention, is to be made to remedy the situation. In total, he ya many reasons or sources of pain and sex is the only crown one more numerous.

Now, if you can push your finger into your vaginal opening and press the vaginal walls (pledging what PC – pubococcygeus – is commonly called, or the muscle cone of) just like you were trying to get it so if you need to to urinate or if you try to stop the flow of your urine. You can feel a large number of the folds of skin and different textures and see how the vagina (which is the passing between the vaginal opening and the collar is) can keep your finger. Precisely the same way she keeps a stopper, a penis or a toy or a child while working.

Your vagina is wet at the moment according to your menstrual cycle or dry. If you are someone who ovulate and then right menstruate, after you had your period, or if you are not excited, and you will dry in about two weeks your cycle in general, have, or if you are, you usually wake LL are to be a little wetter. Mucus, or “rejection” of your vagina, what are you sometimes see on your underpants may change in texture, smell and the color very much. Some people are of them panicked, but he do not ya do not need to be and trying to get rid of this with the vaginal mucus showers or other methods are not healthy as that of the mucus prevents your vagina clean of bacteria and an acidic balance life receives attention for your health. If you are ever in doubt about the vaginal losses are to be made, the best thing is to call your doctor. In general, however, unless that mucus is stained with blood and not that you are on your age, everything attracts you, or is greenish in screams, he is probably healthy, the normal dump.