VA benefits new and improved for caregivers of veterans

VA will have the opportunity to report to Congress in the future the possibility to extend advanced services for family caregivers of veterans from all eras.While some of these benefits are more readily available, many other important advantages of the newly enacted requires the issuance of regulations. These additional benefits include a monthly allowance, pay travel expenses, medical coverage, training, advice and support to prevent institutionalization of veterans whenever possible. The complex processes necessary for the implementation of these regulations will provide veterans, carers and the public the opportunity to comment before the regulations are finalized.

Caregivers make enormous sacrifices every day to help veterans of all eras who have served this country, said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. They are essential partners with VA in the recovery and comfort of the sick and wounded veterans, and deserve our training, support and gratitude.

Travel expenses, including lodging and per diem, while supporting the veterans receiving care, –

VA has supported caregivers of veterans of all ages for nearly eight decades, said Deborah Amdur management of VA health care and social services , and we know from our experience and research that veterans are better served when they can live their life as independently as possible surrounded by family and friends care.

In addition to new services and benefits for eligible veterans who were disabled in the line of duty after September 11, 2001 , VA also start to offer more benefits and services for caregivers of veterans Natural all ages who are already enrolled in VA care, including:

‘A healthy weight loss, in general, not more than two pounds a week. ‘If you do not feel good about your body, you tend to have low self-esteem,’ he said.

Some of the new benefits of caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act are limited by law for caregivers of more acutely ill and injured Post 9 / 11 fighters.

These additional benefits include: