University Hospitals Neurological Institute wins Neuroscience Center of Excellence designation

‘The survey results highlight the importance of UH multi-specialty approach to care. In addition to offering the widest range of neurological specialists, UH is state-of-the-art neuroimaging technology and, consequently, UH offers the most complete neurological and specialist services to patients in 15 centers of competence in areas such as brain tumors, e.Only 42 % of programs have been sufficient to be recognized as a center of excellence in neuroscience. Overall performance of a hospital is determined by measuring the progress of the program in four key areas: research and clinical programs, personnel, equipment and technologies and businesses.

The integration of research programs with translation to move the innovation from the laboratory to the bedside ‘Center of Excellence delegates representing different leaders, innovative programs across the country, and we are proud to be recognized for our multidisciplinary approach and commitment to the highest standards of neurological and neurosurgical patient care, ‘said Warren Selman, MD, director of the University Hospitals Neurological Institute.

NeuStrategy is a consulting firm specializing in providing strategic support to neuroscience, oncology and orthopedic services. The research is based on the Staging Plan NeuStrategy COE, a unique tool that consists of four phases designed to help hospitals measure and strategically plan the growth of the program and achieve excellence in all phases of the development of neuroscience.

Neurological Institute University Hospitals has been designated as a Neuroscience Center of Excellence (COE), according to the Neuroscience Center of Excellence survey commissioned by NeuStrategy, Inc., Chicago. It ‘the first program in Ohio to receive neurological Step 4 – Design Institute.