Treated dKO mice showed near normal measures for most of the examined parameters.

Near normalof affected mice from 10 days of age for six weeks with the mouse – specific PPMO at a dosage of 25 mg / kg / week resulted in a nearly complete skipping of exon 23 in all muscles examined except the heart. Skipping of exon 23 restored the reading frame of dystrophin mRNA and led to widespread continued translation of dystrophin protein. Treated dKO mice showed near normal measures for most of the examined parameters, including striking prevention of kyphosis and maintaining near-normal mobility. The publication also featured a video that. The effects of treatment on the dKO mice This research shows remarkable prevention of dystrophic pathology and retained near normal muscle function in severely affected dKO mice after treatment with a PPMO, said Dame Kay Davies, Director of the MRC Functional Genomics Unit and Head of Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at the Oxford University and senior author on the paper.

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