Transcendental Meditation lowers blood pressure – Case studies available in the UK

Of the 159 students with a greater risk of developing hypertension, the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation of three months reduced systolic and diastolic by 6.3 points to 4.0 points, compared with randomized controls. This reduction in size is associated with a 52 percent lower risk for developing hypertension over a period of 4 years. In addition, the study found significant improvements with the Transcendental Meditation as compared with no treatment, standardized measures of psychological distress and the ability to cope, both in this high risk group and, to a lesser extent, in 93 other students with a low risk of developing hypertensionIn total, 298 students participated in the study and control subjects were allowed to learn the Transcendental Meditation after its completion. Randomization was stratified to ensure equal proportions of males and females in each group, and researchers were blind to group assignment. Volunteers with a history of hypertension, hypoglycemia, chronic fainting, cardiovascular disease or abnormal blood pressure exist were excluded.

– Transcendental Meditation is not a religion or a philosophy or belief and does not imply any change in lifestyle.

The study was jointly funded by the National Institutes of Health and the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. Student volunteers were drawn from the American University, Washington, DC, where the study was conducted, as well as other local colleges.

– Reduction of health problems: Practitioners of Transcendental Meditation require less than half of medical care compared with their controls. Applied to the NHS, these figures illustrate the potential savings of over $ 9 billion annually, or 500 for each family.

Posted on Wednesday in the December issue of the American Journal of Hypertension, the first randomized controlled trial to show that a mental technique can reduce blood pressure in university students through the improvement of psychological health.

The lead author of the thesis sand Nidich comments: ‘This is the first randomized controlled trial to demonstrate a spirit selected’ the intervention of the body, the Transcendental Meditation reduces blood pressure in association with increased psychological distress and decreased adaptation in young adults at risk for hypertension and may also reduce the risk of future development of hypertension. ‘

Psychological distress was measured with the subscales and total mood disturbance scale major source of tension / anxiety, depression / dejection and anger / hostility inventory profile of moods. These scales have been associated with hypertension. Coping was measured using the constructive thinking inventory, which assesses the constructive and destructive tendencies that underlie thought fit.

The last three press releases followed by strong riders John Hopkins University in mental advantage of this technique for cardiovascular health.

See the first two paragraphs above for a brief summary of two studies mentioned above. Below is a detailed summary of the latest study.

New studies show that Transcendental Meditation reduces blood pressure among students and almost two halves – case studies available in the United Kingdom

– Transcendental Meditation, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is a technique practiced effortlessly for 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with eyes closed.

– A number of medical specialists to answer common questions about Transcendental Meditation on the site and describe the results of research and clinical results of a wide range of medical conditions.

– More than 300 studies published in an independent critique of research on Transcendental Meditation confirm a number of benefits for the mind, body and behavior. For a printable journal of research and a bibliography of 340 magazine articles and other publications independent scientific writing, see.

Dr. Roger Chalmers, registered general practitioner, an expert on scientific research on Transcendental Meditation and co-editor of the scientific research on Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program: Collected Papers.

– Older Transcendental Meditation practitioners enjoy significant improvements in age-related measures and significantly reduced all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.

Transcendental Meditation is a form of meditation more carefully validated by scientific research. These include stress reduction, increased longevity, better, less dependence, antisocial, and increased productivity. Comparative studies show that these benefits are not produced to the same extent with other forms of meditation and relaxation.

Walter, 75, who learned transcendental meditation after a quadruple bypass, and found the key to quickly recover and live a full and active life since then. A professor of business, is not the first person you expect to learn meditation, but believes that this is also a key tool for business and to avoid using more than their full potential.

– Transcendental Meditation improves the three main risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high, and smoking. It also improves the protective factors such as job satisfaction.

– Transcendental Meditation reduces the degenerative effects of aging.

– Transcendental Meditation has been shown to reduce the consumption of alcohol and drugs

Earlier this week, another paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association has found that transcendental meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has helped patients at low risk for heart attack and death almost 50 per cent and is was announced that the National Institutes of Health U.S. is another $ 1 million grant for research on the Transcendental Meditation and cardiovascular disease.

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Johns Hopkins University, ‘University of America in early research,’ November 5 issued health warnings, explaining: ‘Although the evidence is not definitive, it appears that chronic stress leads to long-term elevation of blood pressure relaxation technique that has been studied more widely – and has proven to be effective in reducing blood pressure – is a type of meditation called transcendental meditation. ‘ He goes on to summarize the results of research published in the American Journal of Hypertension, American Journal of Cardiology suggest that the practice of Transcendental Meditation can lower blood pressure mm Hg by 3 / 6, reduce dependence on drugs, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 30 percent. E.