Top 20 Fitness Trends for 2011

Functional Fitness. This is a trend towards the use of strength training to improve balance and simplicity of everyday life. Fitness function and special fitness programs for the elderly are closely related.Children and obesity. With obesity at epidemic levels for children and adults, more and more people are looking for programs to help them or their children lose weight.

The basic training. This type of training focuses on training the muscles of the body East, including the pelvis, lower back, hips and belly.

He says he is not surprised, and felt a couple of years that the Pilates method is a fad, not a trend. I think that’s true. List of Trends

Outcome measures. No shortage of efforts to define and monitor the results. Measures are needed to determine the effectiveness of health and fitness.

Reaching new markets. Thompson said it is likely that more people will take advantage of expertise and to find more commercial gyms and health and exercise programs. Only about 20 percent of the public has a regular exercise program.

Incentive programs for employees. The trend makes the Top 20 for the first time. Employers are creating incentive programs to stimulate health behavior change for employees to reduce absenteeism and insurance costs.

Pilates can be turned through. This type of body-mind fitness activities has fallen out of the American College of Sports Medicine Top 20 fitness trends expected for the first time in years.

Referring physician. This medical professional partners with health care and the ability to more easily integrate the exercise into the lives of patients.

Fitness programs for seniors. Some aging baby boomers have more money that young people will seek discretionary and certified trainers to design fitness programs appropriate age, Thompson said.

Yoga. Various forms of yoga can be done in groups or at home as many books and teaching tapes have become very popular and available.

Wellness coaching. This trend includes the science of behavior change in health promotion and disease prevention. List of trends continued .

The survey was published in the Journal of organizational health and fitness:

Spinning . People in the health club, spinning allows people to ride inside, avoiding moisture, temperature and other environmental changes.

Clinical integration / physical fitness. This is a trend towards integration and the mixture of clinical and preventive services. For the first time that this trend has made the Top 20.

Sport specific training. This trend allows athletes to develop their skills in low season to build strength and endurance beneficial for performance in a particular sport such as baseball or tennis.

Strength training. This remains a central place for many wellness and is central to a comprehensive training program.

Site promotion of health. Worksite health promotion programs has increased from 20 to No 12. Employers recognized that healthier workers will result in lower costs for health care and less absenteeism.

Group personal training. This model allows personal trainers to provide personalized advice and programs. Formation of two or three people at a time of economic for trainers.

The survey shows personal trainers are becoming more accessible. WebMD Thompson, a growing number want to learn to exercise with fitness professionals. Training and certification for personal trainers have become more important over time to the health and fitness.

Educated and experienced fitness professionals. Thompson tells WebMD that more people are expected to turn to trained professionals, even if the cost of more instructors. Other states are considering legislation to license personal trainers. The ACSM said in a press release, a growing number of organizations offer certifications of health and fitness, which Thompson said is a positive development. Thompson said that one reason people want the pros is that people are increasingly using to get hurt, without the formation of a personal trainer.

Interest in medical fitness, grant programs for workers and site wellness programs can be a direct consequence of the reform measures and a health initiative called Exercise is medicine, Thompson said in a press release . With about 80 percent of Americans do not have a regular exercise program or a place to exercise, health and fitness professionals must find new ways to provide services to people in need.

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