Together with other research.

, together with other research, this device is also challenging conventional wisdom about the time window in which the rehabilitation is effective for stroke survivors While it was once thought that the rehabilitation only in the months after. Had a stroke , showed the research, to be effective many years later. Even years after a stroke, the brain retains the ability to Two-thirds of and a better control of the affected limbs.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital ‘s comprehensive rehabilitation after a stroke program patients patients achieve the highest level of function by preventing complications, disabilities and dedicated to making the improvement of independence. Its multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists – consisting of physical therapists, neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, social workers, psychologists and others – to help patients regain a variety of life skills such as mobility, communication and socialization.According Melanson such studies of extra of additional questions to operate to operate on future research. – ‘If you are you are talking over eating rate over the food speaking methods,’she said. ‘It’s not just about how long it takes to you eat but such as you eat.’.

‘We also want fast moving eaters with a high BMI recruited, to teach them to eat slowly and seen what role the play in weight control be,’Melanson said.