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To Injectables Excellence Discover and learn more about Sagent, please visitAbout Strides Arcolab, Ltd.Strides, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited is a Bangalore, India headquartered global pharmaceutical company cheap levitra online . Progress provides pharmaceutical formulations in various dosage forms including sterile injectables with dedicated facilities for penicillin and penems, Cephalosporins, Oncolytics and lyophilized injectable products. The company also manufactures pharmaceutical formulations in oral dosage forms, including capsules and tablets and soft gel capsules. Strides works and has significant presence in Australasia, Africa and India, and by a series of strategies is expanding its North American and European growth. The company has a number of joint ventures and front-ended operations in major markets and is a majority owner of Ascent Pharma Health Limited Pharmaceuticals, The company works closely with Global Drug Agencies and U.S. PEPEFAR and UNICEF to provide a range of affordable generic drugs in the treatment of HIV, TB and malaria.

Strides has manufacturing facilities in Bangalore, India and overseas facilities in Milan, Warsaw, Singapore and Lagos. The Indian manufacturing facilities are approved by all major regulatory bodies. Strides employs approximately 2,500 people throughout the world. Strides also has a marketing presence in over 50 countries.

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