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The for for AHRQ by a team of specialists ventilation Denver Health Medical Center by Michael Hanley, conducted as part of Project XTREME. A related report also funded by AHRQ, Project XTREME: Model for Health Professionals ‘ Cross-Training for Mass Casualty Respiratory Needs provides further information on the training model and the research and methods in developing accustomed. A free, single copy of the DVD and a CD-ROM with the report can be ordered by calling 1-800-358-9295 or by e-mail.5 The ESRC Society Nowadays offers access to a wide range of social sciences and presents it in a way for example the easy to navigate and saves users valuable time. Well as the combination of all ESRC funded R & code online resources like said Social Science Information gateway and UK Data Archive, non – the ESRC resources contained, for example, the Office for National Statistics. The portal has have access to the early findings and research summaries as well full text and original data records by integrated search capabilities throughout. * develop regulatory personnel recruitment Things to align with national plans;..

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