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The medications that the disease of cancer cells by killing heal directly – known as cytostatics. Work by the area the area of the body by disease and murder as many cells as possible within this range, the down side of this, although cancer cells are killed, the drugs are not discriminatory attack as well healthy cells of the body, including those for strengthening the immune system and recovery systems. With funding from the with funding from the Cancer Vaccine Institute at the St.alist cancer researcher at St. Liu and Professor Angus Dalgleish investigated how effective three existing cytotoxic cancer-fighting drugs – cyclophosphamide, oxaliplatin and gemcitabine – were stimulating the immune system to fight cancer cells. They found that both ox and gem were effective, while cyclophosphamide stimulate immune stimulate the immune cells.

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After adjustment for patient and tumor characteristics, No differences were in the rate of overall medical / surgical complications of or genitourinary / intestine complications, or in the postoperative radiation and / or hormone treatment LRP was shorter a 35 percent hospital stay and of a the bottom bladder neck / urethral obstruction accompanied. Morbidity and mortality cases, the surgeon’s experience to the method has hospital stays hospital stay and the chances of an genitourinary / gut complications. The article in the article, William T. Lowrance and fellow beat States results that ORP and LRP rates rates the postoperative mortality and morbidity, controlling for important patient and tumor properties were the only differences in favor of LRP short duration of the stay and less risk of the bladder neck and urethral obstruction. Everyone given radical prostatectomy differences between the 2 clearly informed about the differences between the 2 techniques and similarity in its expected results of and adjust treatment decisions in cooperation with an experienced surgeon.

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