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If Inoue and colleagues thyme oil analyzed, they found that the main component – carvacrol – was the primary agent, decreased in fact when they use pure carvacrol extracts in their tests COX-2 levels decreased by more than 80 percent. – From the article: ‘Carvacrol, a component of thyme oil, activates PPAR-gamma and suppresses COX – 2 expression ‘by Mariko Hotta, Rieko Nakata, Michiko Katsukawa, Kazuyuki Hori, Saori Takahashi and Hiroyasu Inoue.Implantation of of the Total Artificial Heart is similar to a cardiac transplant to replace both ventricles, which biventricular congestive heart failure. As opposed to a dispenser heart, Total Artificial Heart was is no danger of rejection, because it is made from biocompatible materials.