There was a U shape on the results that the people who drank the most had a risk of death.

Our results show the greatest benefit moderate drinkers and a suggestion of excess mortality among men who consumed more than two drinks per day after a heart attack, believe of alcohol in moderation. – The results of our study support the European Society of Cardiology recommended guidelines for long-term treatment of acute coronary syndromes, after that moderate alcohol consumption of 10-30 grams per day in men can be useful for discouraged and may be useful for the long-term prognosis a heart attack.

The researchers asked the men about their alcohol intake and diet every four years, and they also other other medical and lifestyle factors every two years. The men reported their average intake of beer, red and white wine, and spirits . A bottle or can of beer , a shot of liquor glass of wine the alcohol given).9 g and 30 g or more per day, the men were divided into four groups based on the amount that they drank basis divided. Those who drank 10 to 29.9g of alcohol per day – equivalent to two drinks – moderate moderate drinkers.Victim of third-degree burns and the other traumatic injury endure pain, misrepresentation, invasive Operationen and for a long wait of hide to grow back. Increased tissue transplants are of Cornell scholars to promote vascular growth could enter developed to encourage healthy skin speed up heal for the wounded field reducing the need for medical offices.

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