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25 percent of stroke patients stop taking avoidance medication within 3 months At least a quarter of patients who have suffered a stroke end taking one or more of their prescribed stroke prevention medications within the first three months after being hospitalized – when the chance of having another stroke is best – according to a new study by experts at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and colleagues. Each year, there are an estimated 180,000 recurrent strokes in the usa . The analysis identified several modifiable elements that are associated with stroke survivors’ compliance in acquiring medication that will help prevent recurrent stroke.

Genomic Health has not published any results on the prostate check, another thing that makes doctors wary. However a track is had by it record from its breast cancer test. About 240,000 guys in the U.S. Are identified as having prostate cancer every year, and about half are classified simply because low risk using current methods. Doctors now bottom risk estimates on factors like a man’s age and how aggressive cells look from biopsies that provide 12 to 14 cells samples. But tumors are disseminate and change from one spot to some other often. Unless you know your biopsy has hit the most aggressive part that’s in the prostate, you can’t be sure how accurate your risk estimate is, explained Dr. Eric Klein, chief of urology at the Cleveland Clinic, who led early advancement of the Oncotype prostate tumor test.