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Patients sensitive to light four to six weeks to remain after the procedure, and their skin is too sensitive for commercial sunblock to protect adequately.’I’m sorry I could not barbecue was this weekend, ‘said Bush, who his yearning for ribs with takeout for Memorial Day were required to meet. His throat is still a little sore when he gulps, but otherwise he says, he feels good.

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The study was sponsored by AB Science, the pharmaceutical company that develops masitinib. Several researchers have used AB Science.

For 12 weeks, patients took the tablets twice a day masitinab at various doses. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis has declined during this period could choose to continue masitinib treatment.

Masitinib target immune system cells called mast cells. The goal is to stop a chain reaction of inflammatory substances that may contribute to rheumatoid arthritis. Masitinib is also being studied as a cancer drug.

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