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Each year the program nomination Chairman of the Committee, a group of 100 Chairmen / CEOs of global technology companies, individuals and organizations around the world whose visionary application of information technology promotes positive social and economic progress. The nominations are evaluated by an independent board of CIO – level judges to choose the winners, finalists and winners, associated in 10 ,, will be honored at the Laureate Medal Ceremony. This year’s awards ceremony and accompanying Gala Awards Evening takes place on 1 June 2009 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC.Interestingly, the Study Rolls Out RU-486 To Treat uterine fibroid Low doses of of the drug mifepristone shrink uterine myomas improved cancer in women in women who suffer pain and heavy bleeding, after one released by the University of Rochester studies December Obstetrics and Gynaecology magazine.

‘Without approved therapeutic for symptomatic myomata, the study and its results is very important,’said the respective author Kevin Fiscella, department Family Medicine Research Program at from the University of Rochester Medical Center. ‘Interestingly, the the same drug that was recently shown 100 point breast cancer in a rat model. Federal funding for research in connection with mifepristone, a high must be a priority. ‘.