The use of mobile phones may evoke emotions, the study suggests

Touching some sequences of numbers on the phone can affect your emotions, German researchers say.On average, participants preferred to use sequences of numbers associated with positive words. Just enter the number of sequences in the cell was sufficient to activate the concept of words in the minds of participants, the researchers said in a magazine.

Topolinski said the findings are relevant to a concept called the psychology of success, the theory that certain movements of the body can make you think about related ideas. For example, shaking a fist suggests the power and holding a clipboard is a heavy task is important.

The volunteers who considered themselves part in a usability study were asked to type the number of sequences and assess whether it was pleasant to enter numbers on the phone. The letters on their keyboards were covered and that the figures were visible. Participants were not told that the sequences of numbers have been linked to the words.

The researchers created a list of German words can be typed on the keyboard of a mobile phone without having to type the numbers twice for the same. The number of positive words as sequences created Liebe and Freund , and negative words as Schleim and Angst .

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