The study examined patients

The study examined patients, the intensive glucose-lowering treatment for 3 click here .5 years underwent and then standard treatments for a given remaining one, compared with standard treatment for the duration of the study. The intensively treated patients do not see a reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Combination Lipid Treatment: No cardio benefits Overall, however, can see reduced risk subsetCombination lipid therapy with a statin plus fibrate not help lower cardiovascular risk overall, but the results have pointed out, our study of the study – those with high triglycerides and low HDL – may benefit by such treatment. – In this subpopulation of the investigation, which included about 15 % of the 5,518 people ACCORD Lipid ACCORD Lipid saw those triglyceride levels greater than 200 and HDL levels below 34 had a reduced incidence of cardiovascular events 30 %. These findings are supported by similar findings of the sub-group of the population in several large clinical trials published to date.

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