The scholarly study results are reported in the journal NeuroImage.

‘The idea that fitness could be related to brain health no matter one's physical activity levels is intriguing because it suggests there could be clues in the way the body adapts for some people a lot more than others from regular activity. This can help our understanding of how fitness protects against age-related cognitive dementia and decline,’ Voss said.. Age-related differences in brain health vary with fitness level in older adults A new study demonstrates age-related differences in mind health – specifically the effectiveness of connections between different parts of the mind – vary with level of fitness in older adults. The findings suggest that better cardiorespiratory fitness – a measure of aerobic endurance – pertains to stronger brain connections and likely improves long-term brain function in aging populations.You almost certainly haven’t even heard about that one, because he signed it during Hurricane Sandy secretly. Given Obama’s atrocious track record on independence during his 1st four years in the White-colored House, listed below are my top 10 10 predictions for the next four : #1) Huge growth of TSA and the surveillance stateWatch for TSA to expand its occupation of America by establishing checkpoints on roadways, sports, malls and surprise locations. Be prepared to see TSA agents become even more belligerent and lawless because they ramp up their sexual molestation of innocent victims. #2) Growth of secret arrests of American citizensObama secretly signed the NDAA, legalizing the secret arrests of U.S. Residents while denying them because of procedure.