The researchers studied 21 patients with necrotizing soft tissue infections.

The researchers studied 21 patients with necrotizing soft tissue infections, the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, a large county public teaching hospital, were admitted from July 2006 to November 2007. Nine of the 21 patients had obvious signs of infection. Blood tests found all 21 patients had either high white blood cell counts or low serum sodium. ‘This study was the doctor to the fact may can necrotizing soft tissue infections difficult to diagnose and help the value of blood tests to rule out, to make this very serious infection carefully, ‘said Dr. De Virgilio.

Researchers at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute found only 43 % of patients of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center emergency department with necrotizing soft tissue infections had obvious signs of infection: purplish – colored skin and gas bubbles beneath the skin. In those patients who did not show these obvious signs, blood tests, a high white blood cell count or a low serum sodium level helped physicians determine the patients who had found necrotizing soft tissue infections.OF CSIThe nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute is a think tank catalysts for change catalyst for change, by problem-solving interactions between people , and among communes, authorities and businesses assist which can improve social. Research on stem cells is focuses at one of the main themes by of the Civil Society Institute. CSI has on the the Internet at.

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