The researchers found that the participants averaged 13.

The researchers found that the participants averaged 13.4 contacts per day . The variety of contact is summarized as follows:.

This similarity means that the results can be good for other European countries, and was that the first phase of the spread of emerging infections in susceptible populations such as SARS in 2003, is likely to be very similar in Europe and in countries with similar social structures, the authors write.. Children had more contacts than adults people who had to live in large households tend physical man of the same be more contacts people had more contacts on weekdays than on Sundays longer duration and greater frequency of contact Age tend to more often mix Results people of different ages took about 70 percent of the daily contacts few more one hour About 75 percent of the contacts with strangers took less than 15 minutes A key finding of our study is that the age and the pattern of contact pattern of the contact remarkably similar in different European countries, although the average number of contacts added distinguished.Colorado installment of fully immunization of of the country for kids 19-35 months old, of U.S. By to the latest report in 2008. By the U.S. In Centers for Disease Disease Control and Prevention The national average is 76.1 %.

‘We maintain high childhood vaccination in our state, are but the perception that vaccination a controversial subject fought, ‘said Lydia McCoy, executive director in Colorado Children’s vaccination Coalition. ‘We now understand parents immunization of their children but they also want to make informed decisions their child health making. This is is good news for us because it is provide an opportunity answer questions and answer questions and promote discussion on why that vaccination safely and effectively way to protect her children from disease. ‘.