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The researchers created a focus group of six nurses to examine of the evidence disconnect with the students. The researchers found, although nurses contracted to promote educational programs on health and STIs, ‘there is a lack of clarity regarding the role of nurses in relation to the delivery of sexual health information. ‘The county school system has 200 nurses for 12,000 students – about one for every 245 students – and the nurses said in the focus groups, is little time to advise students on anything priligy 30 mg online . The researchers recommend that nurses and educators to work with student leaders to develop ways to engage students -. They proposed text messaging students handsets with sexual health information or posting advice on the social networking website Facebook (Fears, Washington Post.

Health officials say The researchers found about sexual relations is the basis for good sex education and the distribution of condoms is an important part of the curriculum. However, the students in the survey said they did not receive the instruction in school to real-life situations they face, how to partner who partner who pushes for unprotected sex. The students also that the nurses were ‘judgmental and untrustworthy ‘, so it is unlikely that students would seek advice from them.

Prevention with drugs used against influenza in the homes, hospitals or facilities (such as nursing homes), where people have been exposed to someone with the flu.

A strain is now spreading in the United States is resistant to Tamiflu, the flu, the CDC warned today in a health advisory to doctors.

‘We can not predict whether this strain will ultimately be the most important of this year. Last year, approximately 11 percent of type A H1N1 were resistant insects.

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Karolinska Institutet has received a donation of 50 million Swedish kronor Marit and Hans Rausing for a research project on a large scale. The overall objective of the project, which will be one of the most comprehensive breast cancer in the world, is to reduce the incidence of breast cancer 40 to 50 %.