The researchers followed 139 patients with type 1 diabetes from 1984 to 2007.

The researchers followed 139 patients with type 1 diabetes from 1984 to 2007. Patients increased urine increased urine IgM excretion by ELISA at baseline, were approximately three times more likely to die or progress to end-stage renal disease. Commenting on the results, said Dr. Bakoush ‘These results could a new approach to this rapidly growing patient population management offer. During the measurement of albuminuria routinely for evaluation and management of patients with diabetes, increased urine IgM excretion would particularly identify patients at risk for serious cardiovascular events .

The discovery by Professor Len Harrison and Dr John Wentworth by the Institute of Autoimmunity and Transplantation Division, opens the way for new anti-inflammatory treatments insulin resistance insulin resistance and other complications associated with obesity. ‘We have shown that insulin resistance in human obesity closely linked to the presence of inflammatory cells in the adipose tissue, in particular, those of a population of macrophages, ‘Professor Harrison said.If we new new understanding about the mechanisms to give embryonic stem cell research her plasticity, we can to increase or decrease the dynamics of proteins of that bind DNA and thus increase or decrease which differentiation potential cell, says Dr. Meshorer. This could accelerating using of fetal stem cells in the cell therapy and regenerative medicine by clicking the generation of cells in the laboratory, to be implanted in humans by diseases that cell death cell death, like Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, diabetes and other degenerative illnesses heal.

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The molecular basis for epigenetic mechanisms is chromatin , which consists of a cell DNA and structural and regulatory proteins. In pioneering research Shai Melcer, PhD carried out the laboratory Meshorer, have the mechanisms that examines an open chromatin conformation supporting in embryonic stem. Researchers found that chromatin be less condensation water in embryonic stem cells, so that it transformed the flexibility to and functional plasticity into every kind of cell.