The popularity of youth soccer injuries Spurs

According to the researchers, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated there were 186,544 football injuries in 2006, affecting about 80 percent under the age of 24. Forty % of the wounded, the researchers write, occurred in players under the age of 15. Types of injuries in footballAn injury common in young players is Sever’s disease, or technically, apophysitis outcrop, which is due at least in part, to play on fields that are difficult to prisoners do not have quite the heel and foot.

First, the researchers checked the blood of the participants’ and samples of urine and can be divided into two groups.

Contact injuries occur especially when the players attacking the ball, to deal with, or hit the ball with his head.

The researchers say they examined the records of injury CPSC national system of electronic surveillance.

Previous research had shown that female collegiate soccer players have a 2.8 times greater risk of ACL rupture of the male players, the researchers write, but some data suggest the increased risk is closer to 4-6 for both females.

Upper extremity injuries account for 3 percent to 12 percent of the total accidents, with shoulder and wrist, hand or elbow is most affected. Types of injuries in football continues .

It is estimated that 15.5 million people in the U.S. participating in soccer. Two national youth organizations have registered 650,000 and 3. The number of players increased by 7 percent in adolescents between 2001 and 2007.

The researchers say that more than 700,000 boys and girls played football in high school in the United States in 2008-2009, placing it among athletes for increasing participation of calcium.

Youth football injuries are common, and rates are highest for players under 15 years, a new analysis shows.

They note that: Girls and boys can expect to teams of four and 3.5 injuries per season, respectively.

Uneven surfaces may cause compulsive gambling ‘loading’ of the ligaments and muscles and can help you land after a jump incorrectly.

The players, the researchers report, have a slightly increased risk of male players. The risk is about the same in football as it is in contact with the other collision sports, but researchers say the evidence does not support a ‘cap’ – using the head to push or stop the ball – as a risk in the short – problems and long-term cognitive.

Football can be good for your health, researchers say, but children, adolescents and young adults should be encouraged to participate often in other forms of physical activity, in addition to calcium.

The researchers say that prevention programs could reduce the number of injuries to the knee by a specialist and should be encouraged by coaches and managers of the football leagues.

The researchers say that a serious injury that doctors common to see a breakdown of the anterior cruciate ligament – a tear in a knee ligament that connects the upper and lower leg bones.