The Phase I / II study is designed as an open label Osta Viagraa Ilman Reseptiä.

The Phase I / II study is designed as an open label, in – patient dose escalation trial in 20 patients with continuation of the treatment period Osta Viagraa Ilman Reseptiä . During the dose escalation phase of the study, the subjects weekly weekly intravenous infusions of BMN-110 in three consecutive 12-week dose intervals. The objectives of the Phase I / II study, the safety, pharmacokinetics Malformation pharmacodynamics and to identify the optimal dose of GALNS for future studies. BioMarin plans an extension study in which all patients in the Phase I / II study will be available to attend. BioMarin develops and manufactures two FDA – approved enzyme replacement therapies, one for the treatment of MPS I and one for the treatment of MPS VI -. Naglazyme for MPS VI is fully developed and commercialized by BioMarin. Aldurazyme for MPS I BioMarin BioMarin and marketed by Genzyme Corporation.

Aldurazyme is a registered trademark of BioMarin / Genzyme LLC BioMarin , Naglazyme and Kuvan are registered trademarks of BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. Registered.Source: BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. today announced that patient enrollment for the Phase GALNS complete I / II trial for BMN-110 or N-acetyl-6-sulfatase or Morquio A syndrome. The company expects the first results in the first half of the year 2010 report. ‘The efficient recruitment of 20 patients is a major milestone for the MPS IVA program and both our commitment to this program and the support and enthusiasm shows the MPS IVA patient community data generated from this study useful in demonstrating the safety and. Could largely be helpful in designing a successful phase III trial. Assessments from the Phase I / II study such as plasma and urine keratan sulfate levels, pulmonary function and walk tests in determining optimal phase III endpoints, ‘said Henry Fuchs, Chief Medical Officer BioMarin. Intervals.reciate the cooperation of Morquio community in this important effort, and we hope develop this new therapy as soon as possible. ‘ Christian Hendriksz, Consultant in Metabolic Disorders, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, added: ‘Morquio is a serious and debilitating disease in which accumulation of keratan to difficulty in breathing and walking, recurrent infections, impaired function of bone and joint disease. Dysmorphology and an overall impaired quality of life , the rapid increase in the patients speaks for the phase I / II study of the strength of the unmet need for this disease. ‘.


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