The new economy of the health of baby boomers

‘The places that spend more money to get lower quality care than those who spend less,’ says Skinner.But she said the bad news for women is that they have ignored the 1964 Surgeon General’s warning about the health risks of smoking as fast as men, and smoking-related differences in mortality rates between men and women are now restricting as a result. Smoking rates for men have declined steadily since 1960, but rates of smoking among women increased after the warning and started to decline in 1980.

However, when men and women have the same condition, men generally have a more severe form and spend more time in hospital.

Case said that these disorders are related to smoking, and men are more likely to develop these conditions later in life and have more cumulative years of smoking than women.

Another problem facing America is aging gender differences in health. Report on women’s health is much worse from adolescence to middle age, but to all men age are more likely to die.

D., associate director of the research program in behavioral and social National Institute on Aging . ‘People need to stay healthy for long periods of their life to be able to function effectively.’

Suzman moderated a conference in New York this week sponsored by the NIA on the health and economic challenges of an aging population.

The researchers say that major changes in how people make decisions about their personal health and financial future as well as public policy will make a big difference to their health and well-being in old age. Rising costs of health care: a good thing?

Several explanations have been advanced to explain this gender difference. Some say that women are ‘whiners’, while men are ‘stoic’ about their health. Or women who suffer from diseases like arthritis and back pain that make them sick, but men like those who suffer from lung cancer and heart disease that kill.

‘Why spend more? Because we get more things,’ said Cutler. ‘When you pay for things, you get a lot of things. But if you pay for efficiency, you pay for fewer things.’ Regional differences in the value of health care

‘For heart disease, lung cancer and emphysema, men are more likely to die than women who report the same conditions,’ says Case.

‘The easiest thing happened over time in cardiovascular mortality is that deaths have dropped by about two thirds by 1950. [Was] the right at a time when people said’ This is the main cause of death and you can ‘t do anything about it ‘, and it turns out we can do a little’,’ said Cutler. Rising costs of health care: a good thing? To be continued .

‘Too often we only think about the cost and not what is true for us,’ says Culter, who spoke at the briefing.

Instead of high-tech treatments and high cost, said the factors associated with better value in health care costs seem to be a more effective use of regional low-cost treatments, such as the use of aspirin and beta-blockers in the treatment. Women get sick, people die

Because of these expensive treatments, but effective, the %age of people who die within three months of a heart attack has dropped by three quarters by 1950.

No pain, no gain. Ouch. Exercise to the point of pain can hurt, not help. It’s okay to push a little ‘to tax the heart, lungs, muscles and bones – but be reasonable.

These are some questions that experts are trying to answer the first wave of baby boomers approach retirement age in 2011. Rather than relying on their families to take care of them retired, the researchers say baby boomers are facing a new set of challenges to stay healthy longer.

‘Medical expenses are higher in Miami than in any other major American city, but its people are living longer and healthier than other Americans,’ said Jonathan Skinner, Ph.D., professor of economics at Dartmouth College Hanover, NH

Although the increase in spending for health care bought our better health and longer life, said spending on health care waste is one of the biggest problems of today and will continue in the future.

In 1950, Cutler says the cost of treatment was practically nil, because the only available treatment was bed rest for six months, and then the outlook for heart attack survivors was bleak. Today, the cost of treating a heart attack with restore blood flow and surgery to repair is nearly $ 30,000 for 45 years.

They are the rising costs of health care in the elderly really a bad thing? T where you live determine the type of medical care you receive after retirement? Why do women become more of a badly aging, while men are dying faster than aging?.

The new economy of the health of baby boomers