The National Cancer Institute announced results for the test of success is green fiber laser tunable Zecotek

Dr. Telford has submitted test results to the Congress of international prestige for the Advancement of Cytometry , held in Seattle in early May and brought together leading researchers, practitioners and producers of bio-instrumentation. He noted that both Zecotek laser wavelength is tunable and fixed fiber green are ideal to use the many new fluorescent probes for various applications, including basic research in immunology, hematology, organ transplantation and other fields biomedicine. Dr. According to Dr. Telford, tunability will become a future requirement for end users and the research community.When asked if someone in their extended family or use a tanning bed, tanners inside were two times more likely to have a family member who used a tanning bed than their peers not in tanning . In particular, within the tanners were four times more likely , indicating that their mothers used tanning beds that respondents who were not covered tanners .

The test results of the National Cancer Institute show that Zecotek tunable fiber laser works better than green lasers alternative in a field of research that directly contributes to the advancement of bio-instrumentation, said Dr. Dr. Telford is a highly respected scientist and research is closely followed by industry and other leading researchers.

His observations on the benefits of our green laser tunable flow cytometry fully support the commitment and effort that we have done to bring this important technology to market.