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A cholera, the life that of an estimated 4,000 Zimbabweans and infected tens of thousands called for in the last 10 months is likely to deteriorate, as the region in its rainy season, UNICEF said last week, CNN reports. ‘Is we could have a further rise in the number of cases where rain rain, because cholera is waterborne and the contaminated water to the open to the open sources and people drinking water from unprotected wells to be ‘said, Tsitsi Singizi, a spokeswoman for UNICEF (CNN..

Stem cells Stanford University School of Medicine have found out for the first time a common molecular pathway that is used by both normal stem cells and cancer stem cells when they reproduce cause of cause of cancer and normal stem cell reproduction by Stanford scientists discovered.Camera does are necessary Following gastric bypass surgery.

In a case report published into this week’s edition by The Lancet, researcher woman, multivitamins after weight loss surgery and then misunderstood to study a vitamin deficiency. Dr. Rachel Batterham and Alberic Fiennes and his colleagues are report an 27 – year-old 2 months from 2 months after easy gastric bypass surgery at University College Hospital (London, UK week weeks dizziness, low of appetite, and vomiting. The wife was standard treatments multivitamins and lansoprazole is after compulsory weight loss surgery to weight loss surgery. Lansoprazole is a drug which prevents the production of stomach acid.

Additional testing find abnormal eye movements, Hyperreflexie at Low , weakness the thigh, and fell sensitivity to touch. All of this referred in a lack of thiamine, also know as vitamin B1. After doctors thiamine intravenously, the patient made a full recovery. It also admitted that they did not under its multivitamin.. The woman was examined and diagnoses with a gastric obstruction, partly because of its rapid heart beat and dehydration. However, a camera through the digestive system to the stomach transferred shows no of important. They lost for over 20 kg Since the surgery, and blood examinations suggested that she was dry.