The knowledge of todays technology.

The knowledge of today’s technology, the scientists predict that within 50 years androids can in human-like voices to speak, identify spoken words with precision, answer questions from a body of textual information, walk and run in a human – like movement show, realistic facial expressions and recognize others’ feelings through visual processing.

What this study shows is the need for the Food and Drug Administration regulation of both monitor the regulation of the two medications smokers in the cessation and tobacco, only medications proven to help effectively approve smokers quit in the long term and to lower nicotine to reduce the addictiveness of cigarettes, said co – author Gregory Connolly, director of the Center for Global Tobacco Control at HSPH.‘eligible In none of the FDA therapy in patients with the symptoms on Raynaud’s disease,’said Dr. Jeff Gregory, medium Quest Chief Medical Officer of ‘get this promising study results hope in the more than 2 million people who suffer from moderately to serious Raynaud the United States. ‘.. MQX-503 is a locally which acts, topical formulation applied to the prevention or treatment Raynaud’s consequences of, the to patients may be control their condition.

The study found: – MQX-503 successful the gravity of Raynaud’s disease the majority of patients the majority of patients in the confirmatory phase III study.