The key is to find someone that will help you solve your current mental health problems.

4. RESEARCH YOUR OPTIONS: When asking for a counselor or selecting a mental wellness program, always ask for someone who has a good reputation. Remember that locating a counselor to assist you depends on how you connect to the counselor and how they interact with you. Finding an excellent counselor can pay off for you over time, so be persistent to find the best person for you. 5. Do What Works FOR YOU PERSONALLY: Remember that the main element components of having a highly effective mental wellness counselor is affordability, the capability to effectively talk to your counselor, and is your counselor in a position to discover the answers to your current problems. Choose a mental health counselor that you are feeling comfy talking to and then go from there.We stand ready to help Congress in developing such an idea.’.

AP analysis reveals big jump in compensation bundle for insurance exec The Associated Press/ABC News: Aetna Chairman, CEO Mark Bertolini Views 2012 Total Compensation Climb 26 Percent Aetna Inc. Missed an income goal last year, therefore the health insurer cut the performance-based reward it awarded Chairman and CEO Mark T. Bertolini. But the executive's total compensation rose 26 % in 2012 still. Bertolini, 56, received payment valued at $13.2 million this past year, according to an Associated Press evaluation of the Hartford, Conn., company's annual proxy filing with the Exchange and Securities Commission.