The increase in lung cancer in women is a major concern.

The increase in lung cancer in women is a major concern, and in the U.S., more women die from smoking-induced lung cancer than of breast cancer, according to the WHO.Sources: American Association for Cancer Research,Written by: Catharine Paddock,New approach for the treatment of cancer were found to be very effectiveAttacking novel S1P target eliminates cancerous tumors in some cases-An antibody resident of San Diego was Lpath ,, might one day treat many of the deadliest solid and liquid tumors.

The results of two studies that have this novel approach in the treatment of cancer at 96 days Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Anaheim, California on 18 April published. One of the studies was to Gordon Mills, prevented University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Mills was a pioneer in the exploration of the important role that lysolipids in the growth and metastasis of cancer cells play.Chantix is may be four times a as effective in a smoker the cigarette successful submitted a report in the JAMA , According to a report which quotes the three studies, Champix being doubly as effectively as Zyban .