The HIFU ablation made in this study.

The HIFU ablation made in this study, the Epicor Cardiac Ablation System uses Jew Medical. It was obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the surgical ablation of cardiac tissue, but it has not been approved by the FDA is given specifically for the treatment of AF. Future product launches approval for the treatment of AF in Europe in 2006.

The investigators reported that more than 83 % of all patients, followed for at least six months after surgery, were free from AF. In addition, 86 % of patients followed for at least 18 months remained free from AF. The researchers reported that it. No device or ablative procedures related to adverse events and specifically noted an absence of esophageal, cardiac or phrenic nerve damage.15000 cells offers promise listeningscientists have managed spanner Earrings cells in the laboratory to establish – is raising hopes treatments for age – related hearing loss.

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