The frog skin may help Treat Cancer and other diseases

Sources: Queen ‘s University of Belfast, AlphaGalileo Foundation, American Chemical Society, via EurekAlert!.In this latest discovery, Shaw and colleagues have identified two mini-proteins or peptides secreted on the skin of the frog and the toad Giant Waxy Monkey Firebellied who have the potential to stimulate or disable angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels.

Stop the tumor’s blood vessels will grow less likely to spread and can eventually kill him. This has the potential to transform cancer from a terminal illness into a chronic disease.

The award-winning discovery is the work of Professor Chris Shaw and colleagues at Queen University of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It would be a shame to have something in nature that is potentially the wonder drug to cure cancer and not to do everything possible to make it work, he added.

As a tumor grows and needs more oxygen and nutrients, reaches a point where it needs to develop its own source of blood, or can not grow any larger. So the idea is that a peptide that turns off angiogenesis could be incorporated into drugs against cancer is to starve tumors or stop growing.

The peptide found in frog skin Waxy Monkey you can turn off angiogenesis and peptide found in the skin of the giant toad Firebellied does the opposite: you can turn on angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is a target for new drugs for over four decades, said Shaw, who said the reason and his team are turning to the natural world for these compounds is why, despite billions of investment by scientists and companies pharmaceutical, medicinal products made by man that can effectively address and control the growth of blood vessels are not yet imminent.

Other studies have also shown that amphibians synthesize and secrete a variety of substances with antimicrobial properties.

We are absolutely convinced that the natural world has the solutions to many of our problems, we just need to ask the right questions to find, said Shaw.

Tapio Videman said back disorders in the workplace are among the most costly diseases in developed countries around the world. Disc degeneration is the leading suspected cause of back pain severe and the main goal in spinal surgery.

Team members are very careful in handling Shaw frogs, so as not to hurt them.

They gently remove the secretions, and leave the frogs in the wild.