The Congressional guide medal is in connection with the AAKP Medal of Excellence Award generic ultram.

The Congressional guide medal is in connection with the AAKP Medal of Excellence Award, one of the highest awards the AAKP is , the recognition of a renal physician much needed a significant role, given in the health and welfare of of the nation kidney patients generic ultram . The Congressional Medal leadership was awarded only twice before, and recognizes the outstanding commitment and efforts of those who affect to pass legislative policy benefiting kidney patients. – is seen as a two-time kidney transplant recipients, it is a privilege for those who provide people with kidney disease new hope for a life of infinite possibilities, said Wager. I think the work of the camp representatives and strong on this bill will not only encourage others to be organ donors, but also generate much-needed awareness about kidney disease and transplantation. I thank them for their efforts. .

On Wednesday, April 2009, of American Association of Kidney Patients honored Representative Dave Camp and Pete Stark for their continued commitment to kidney patients and their work with the passing of Stephanie Tubbs Jones Gift of Life Congressional Medal Act. AAKP President Bobbi Wager, Executive Director, Kim Buettner and three AAKP Board members presented the AAKP congressional leadership medals during a special meeting in Washington, DC.

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